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The membership application of the Finnish Islamic Party will be here later on. It is now on the Finnish page! Have a look at it there!


This statement has been given to media and others to publish. The Finnish Islamic Party's board made a statement on 17.2.2008 about reissuing Prophet Muhammad caricatures. The Finnish Islamic Party condemns reissuing caricatures on Danish magazines. We also condemn the Danish government for not interfering in issues that causes confrontation between Islamic world and non-Islamic world. Reissuing the caricatures will cause widely spread agitation because things that Muslims hold sacred have been insulted. Therefore The Finnish Islamic Party exhorts to boikot Danish products everywhere.


The Finnish Islamic Party is concerned about the statements against the party by Minister of Justice Tuija Brax and Minister of Immigration and Europe Astrid Thors. Thors has stated that we are intolerant and non-democratic. Thors stated that we would have presented thoughts that were against Islam. Brax told about a change to association law. It is against democracy because it indicates to a possibility to deny a party that is not favoured by the ones who are in the acsendent.
Previously cited ministers have formed their views according to public words, but not according to the Finnish Islamic Party's views. Cited ministers are attacking against democratic forces by stomping freedom of speech and freedom of political statements. They are doing this because of their concervative thoughts and for the demand of new fascistic forces. These ministers are wrong.
It is clear how the present government is trying to moderate the conversation about Nato and policy of neutrality. The Finnish Islamic Party is against these attempts to moderate democracy which are done by previously cited ministers by directing the conversation with their extremely conservative opinions. There can be found warning examples from history of Hitler's Germany and fasistic Italy. The Finnish Islamic Party is appealing to Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen, the government and the Parliament for freedom of political statements.


Abdullah Tammi

A. Tammi was a chairman of the Finnish Islamic Party from 2007 to 2009.


The Finnish Islamic Party presents its concerns to Estonian Republic for taking part of the war in Iraq with President Bush's satanic government. The actions mentioned above by the Estonian government are oriented against Islam everywhere in the world and are a declaration of war against all Muslims.

The Finnish Islamic Party exhorts the Estonian government to pull their soldiers back from Iraq instantly and to respect Iraq's sovereignty.
If Estonian government continues its acts of war and oppression it is responsible for its crimes against human rights in the battle against Islam. We can verify that Estonian government is controlled by American government. It raises a question on Estonia's independency: have Estonians sold themselves to America? Estonia will be responsible for each day they take part in Iraq's war and in the war against Islam.

For the Finnish Islamic Party,

Abdullah Tammi, chairman of the board. (He has already resigned on the 9th of December 2009. He made a propaganda for Russia and other members of the board did not like it. That is why he resigned.)
Abdullah Rintala, I vice-chairman of the board. (He was fired from the party already in 2008. The reason: internal intrigues against the party.)

SIP - Suomen Islamilainen Puolue

SIP - Suomen Islamilainen Puolue

SIP - Suomen Islamilainen Puolue

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